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A weekend away in Havana is all you need right now!

Havana has been all the rage since it opened its doors to tourists in the 1990s. I personally went there to get my share of sunlight in frostbite-inducing winters in my country. Did you know that in colder months such as December, Havana gets straight 8 hours of sunlight? Havana’s full name in Spanish is La Habana. It is said that this name was derived from an Indian Chief.

Allow me to draw a picture of Havana. Lively streets with colorful houses flawlessly complementing the old school charm. Swanky 1950s cars sliding past you. Open markets and vibrant nightlife adding to the appeal.

Now the question arises, which time is the ideal time to visit Havana? Well, I did my research on it since I was there for part work and part vacation. The weather remains pleasant throughout the year. Cuba’s average temperature remains 26-28 degrees celsius. You will never face harsh winters or scorching summers. The entire country is a paradise from September to December. This is why the maximum number of tourists from Canada and Europe arrive in Havana to get away from cruel winters. I precisely booked my flight for December because I wanted to witness the Havanna Jazz festival.

I did not make an itinerary for this trip. I wanted to follow my instincts and decide to rely on recommendations from locals. Every day I would take a stroll in the streets near my hotel. The locals were friendly and would exchange polite glances. The official language of Havana is Spanish, so I did my part and practiced a few phrases in Spanish. I am a native English speaker, but I took few classes in Spanish a while ago. Though I could not hold a conversation that was entirely in Spanish, I could gesticulate well enough to get the job done.

My first day consisted of exploring Old Havana. The Havana Old quarter is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one worth visiting. The architecture was different than what you would see in Cuba and had its own charm. For lunch, I decided to google nearby bakery since I was craving something sweet. The café was small and was bustling with customers. After a few minutes of waiting, I managed to secure a corner spot for myself. I ordered coffee and double-layered pastry. My favorite thing to do at any tourist destination is just people watching. I make it subtle so that they don’t get comfortable. I noticed a lot of idiosyncrasies (unique traits) of people in Havana. Maybe it was the season of dance and music festivals or the weather. Still, I found people were really joyful and bustling with energy. The conversations in the café were loud and cheerful. I could hear frequent bouts of laughter.

I left the people to their business and made my way to the National Museum of Fine Arts. The museum was home to a lot of artifacts and works of Cuban artists all the way from the colonial era. I tried to make sense of all the abstract work as best I could and found a deep understanding of the connection with them. I had dinner at a restaurant nearby. The food was delicious but a little too spicy for my taste. It was late when I arrived back at my hotel, the cities had gone quiet, but I did not feel unsafe—my trip came to an end on a bittersweet note. I wanted to explore more but had to cut short my trip due to time constraints. The trip would not have been possible without Southwest Low Fare Calendar. The deal I secured due to it helped me save a lot of money. If you are reading this, go check out Southwest Low Fare Calendar and get yourself a trip to your dream destination now.

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